SCIFI User Interface Designer Lukasz Wieczorek

Lead the UI team in creating user interface design, user experience and Interface VFX. Had to meet with game designers and programmers on the regular to make sure needs were being met and designs were fulfilling all requirements.

hudTitle.jpg glider1.gif ui.jpg inworldBoard-01.png landing-page2.jpg scifi-ui-firefall.jpg 020415_perks-v25.jpg 021915_dashboard-_0000_default.png 021915_dashboard-_0004_events-full-view-event-list-2.png 021915_dashboard-_0001_Playtime-reward.png iconography.jpg factions.jpg chosenDiffense.jpg headerTitles-UIVFX.jpg tinkeringChargeUp.gif lockedIn1.gif melding1.gif thermal1.gif ondrop1.gif repair.gif