Facer is the largest watch face platform in the world. It hosts over 1million users with around 7,000 designers. My role as Creative Director for Facer was to oversee the brand and organize thousands of designers to help them understand design in a new space as well as manage our premium designers.

My responsibilities in design were to design banners, the main Android app, iOS app, the web creator, the entire website and most all of the brand assets. As well as ensure design consistency across all the platforms.

I also set a standard of design and showed by example how we can push the platform to do new things. Some of the watch faces I created are here: https://www.facer.io/u/wutronic with a total of over 300,000+ syncs

We also worked with many of the worlds top brands like Star Trek, Garfield, Snyper, The Martian (move), Maurice Lacroix, Tetris and many more. Ensuring the brands were kept to a high standard was very important to our brand as well as theirs.

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