SCIFI User Interface Designer Lukasz Wieczorek

Dropzone is a music festival with some of the worlds largest DJs in attendance.My role was doing Creative Direction on the website and early style direction for initial stages. Styleboards, UX and UI design were my primary roles. I teamed up with the amazing team at dropzone to realize an incredibly ambitious vision of the creators, a dystopian future being sustained by music.

Along with the team, I delivered style frames, vision docs, wireframes and final UI designs and motion design.

Background Concept art for website: Jonathan Ryder
Art Direction: Melty
Dev Work: Shane

122017_mainwebsite_final_flat-phase-3.jpg image_uploaded_from_ios-1-1.jpg image_uploaded_from_ios-1.jpg ui2.jpg ezgif-3-fb7549deb2_360.gif 1_1024.png image_uploaded_from_ios-3.jpg image_uploaded_from_ios.jpg image_uploaded_from_ios-2.jpg map2_0057_1024.png map_1024.png ezgif-5-e3a747ab50.gif