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Posted on September 15, 2013 by lukasz on HMI, NUI, UI, UX

Best and Worst of Sci-fi and Sci-fi Inspired UI

Just geeking out on some more sci-fi UI stuff, and found a bunch of great examples. Thought I would share the cream of the crop with you. Found a bunch that really just copy each other, or are flat out terrible, so I thought I would post those as a reminder to self NOT to ever do that. Enjoy! If you have any more shoot me a link.


Just flat out cool. I don’t even like baseball. I imagine this is what Super Baseball 2020 players would look like if they weren’t 8bit.

good stuff.

Once again MIT, you win.

Physical computing done RIGHT. That touching the air crap has to go. Thanks MIT.

Each UI is based on a mood and feel. It works, some of it is intentionally bad. Which is good, right?

PALM TO GLASS PHONE, I WANT ONE. Anyone have the amazon link?

almost anything gmunk does is a win.

just do it.

I can dig it.

I mean, who doesn’t like FF

awesome because the base tech for this actually exists

I like when UI designers thing about the mood of the UI, that seems to get missed often…

I want that GPS… Even if ghost in the shell did it first

wonder where gmunk got his inspiration for tron?!

Humans are just a bunch of squares…

not much UX, but looks cool anyway. Mostly like the animations

neato aesthetic

First thing I’ve seen Microsoft do right in a while. True artists steal right?!

It’s already possible with fiducial tracking. I’ve done it.


Mostly awesome because of what the cinematography does with it, but there are a few minor very cool details like warnings you only see for hardly a millisecond.

Maybe if 1,230,034,304 people hadn’t done it first…

Some is awesome, and others….meh.


We still have touch screens in 2057? I might as well be a hermit, Seeya guys. But really, I think the movie was great, just wish they pushed the UI and made me believe I was in 2057.

Lets just throw a bunch of buzz phrases in a video, put doctors in it. It will have to work, yeah? Hmm, well jokes on me because they have 10k views. Problem I see with this one is everything is a bit too boxy and its not really pushing the envelope of UI, maybe that wasn’t the purpose and I am just being hyper critical, but the UI is everywhere it almost makes it unavoidable.

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