SCIFI User Interface Designer Lukasz Wieczorek
Posted on February 22, 2012 by lukasz on design, Hardware, HMI

Building a multi-touch table from scratch

So spent the past few weeks with a co-worker building a multi-touch table, and it’s been amazing and extremely frustrating. Adam, a co-worker over at Tiger Studio Design has been helping with flash end of development, its going really well.

It started basic, I prototyped a lot of the TUIO functionality using pure data in the first version, interfacing it with Ableton live to do some basic audio modulation.

A few weeks later we decided it would be cool to add some visual feedback. So we added a projector and a better camera. We modified a PS3 camera at first to make it read IR light so that it wouldn’t interfere with the light from the projector and outside ambient light.

It worked well for blob detection but was terrible for reading Fiducials. After removing a lens so that it would read IR light, it could not focus. so we modified a different camera and it worked perfectly.

we put the Fiducials on acrylic so that we could use them as a menu interface device. what does that mean? basically you put it on the table and it allows for tracking in X,Y coordinates as well as rotation. Rotation is the key as to why it is important as apposed to finger detection.

long story short it works now! still some bugs to work out and some more UI things to design, but it is working. BEEYAAHH!

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