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Posted on January 18, 2012 by lukasz on design

amazing book design by wang zhi hong

wang zhi hong

The golden butterfly awards have gone to wang zhi hong a number of five times. In the world of book design it is taiwan’s highest honor.


born in 1975 in taipei. an award-winning graphic designer based in taiwan. in 1995 he graduated from department of advertisement design at fu-hsin trade and arts school. started his studio in 2000 and has been specializing in graphic design for books on various subjects and for fine art projects and events, ranging from architecture, film, to performing arts. in 2008 launched his book publishing program insight with a trade publisher, featuring translated titles on art and design, such as the works by kashiwa sato, araki nobuyoshi, kenya hara, yayoi kusama, taku satoh and otl aicher.

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