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Posted on July 20, 2015 by lukasz on design, Interaction Design, UX

Cancel/OK, OK/Cancel or Yes/No?

I’ve recently been in the discussion of which is better Cancel/OK, OK/Cancel or Yes/No. So I did some digging to see if I could find any sources that have already done some research on it. It’s not an easy answer because a lot of people disagree as to the answer. But I think it’s a terrible answer to say “there is no right answer.” So lets try to break it down and get a reasonable non-nihilistic answer.

Nielson Norman Group cites that there are two arguments for the order.

First being that OK should be first due to natural reading order. Also if your user is keyboard driven, well it is obvious you want OK first since it is used more often. [1]


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How HCD can help video game design


We will be exploring the HCD method, which stands for human centered design. Not sure if HCD was meant to mimic Hear, Create, Deliver, but I would imagine this was very intentional. HCD in game design is something I have been thinking about a lot lately because when I am trying to relax I will pop open some video games for an hour or two. I am constantly thinking about the UI in these games and how they can improve.  One of my biggest beefs about video game design is that the user is not the focus, the content is. Here we are going to focus on a simple concept. Come up with a more efficient in game inventory system. Here is what I imagine the process goes like…

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Best and Worst of Sci-fi and Sci-fi Inspired UI

Just geeking out on some more sci-fi UI stuff, and found a bunch of great examples. Thought I would share the cream of the crop with you. Found a bunch that really just copy each other, or are flat out terrible, so I thought I would post those as a reminder to self NOT to ever do that. Enjoy! If you have any more shoot me a link.


Just flat out cool. I don’t even like baseball. I imagine this is what Super Baseball 2020 players would look like if they weren’t 8bit.