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Posted on September 15, 2013 by lukasz on HMI, NUI, UI, UX

Best and Worst of Sci-fi and Sci-fi Inspired UI

Just geeking out on some more sci-fi UI stuff, and found a bunch of great examples. Thought I would share the cream of the crop with you. Found a bunch that really just copy each other, or are flat out terrible, so I thought I would post those as a reminder to self NOT to ever do that. Enjoy! If you have any more shoot me a link.


Just flat out cool. I don’t even like baseball. I imagine this is what Super Baseball 2020 players would look like if they weren’t 8bit.

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Sci-fi UI inspiration

Been geeking out on scifi interfaces lately. There is so much we can learn from them, I love it! It makes me want to push my imaginary glasses up onto the rim of my nose. Here are a few I compiled into gifs for your viewing pleasure. enjoy!

Falling Skies



This was a recent one from one of the new episodes. It’s during a surgery procedure to remove an alien from a child’s back. It stuck out right away because it was not adhering to a lot of the sci-fi trends right now. But it’s tech from a foreign species, if they had iPad like interfaces I would be worried.

Pacific Rim


Here is some good ol’ classic Gundam style UI. Nothing really new about this and they were definitely influenced by mech style animes, but really they have been around since Jules Verne.



can’t help but notice the similarities of this and Tron. Still cool though, coincidence maybe?

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The hybrid. Why code + design?

So I’m sure you, like a lot of designers, are saying “why would I learn to code, I’m a designer…?”  First off, I should say it isn’t for everyone, nor should ever designer be expected to know to code. All I am saying is that there are definite advantages to being a designer who knows code. There also other deeper rooted problems like lack of collaboration in studios as well, I prefer collaboration when creating an app, and it definitely is a per basis situation. Sometimes I like to prototype something out with hacky fast code and hand it over to coder so they make it more refined. This way my intention is conveyed.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay, 1971


I’m sure you’ve heard this quote before, but I think there is a lot of merit to it. This can cross the boundary of most design/art, but here I will be speaking to code + design in user interface design.

There are two big reasons I support designers using code.

  1. Speeds up your process (namely with extendscript)
  2. Helps you to understand the industry and where it is going. This is the one we will focus on.

It would be silly to think that our jobs as UI designers would stay the way they are forever. They are in fact already changing. Currently we are undergoing a transition from screen based UI to UI + NUI. Though it’s apparent that things like the keyboard will take a while before they are phased out, projects like DIY EEG’s might make it come sooner than you think.

I’ve even been messing with a few of my own hacks for it, and it is definitely teaching me new ways to think about UI.

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