SCIFI User Interface Designer Lukasz Wieczorek
Posted on December 21, 2012 by lukasz on arduino, Hardware

Attiny85 + arduino serial monitor


so I’m working on this cloud project with a co-worker and trying to get a capacitive switch to work with it. If you have ever worked with capacitive switches you know how tedious this can be. Now imagine you have no way to monitor output, well that is what I was running into. Problem is you can never know what the output is with stock settings of an attiny. So my solution comes from the good boys/gals of MIT.

Lets set up a little basic “hello world” type example.

Posted on February 22, 2012 by lukasz on design, Hardware, HMI

Building a multi-touch table from scratch

So spent the past few weeks with a co-worker building a multi-touch table, and it’s been amazing and extremely frustrating. Adam, a co-worker over at Tiger Studio Design has been helping with flash end of development, its going really well.

It started basic, I prototyped a lot of the TUIO functionality using pure data in the first version, interfacing it with Ableton live to do some basic audio modulation.

A few weeks later we decided it would be cool to add some visual feedback. So we added a projector and a better camera. We modified a PS3 camera at first to make it read IR light so that it wouldn’t interfere with the light from the projector and outside ambient light.

Posted on January 13, 2012 by lukasz on Hardware, Interaction Design

Flash On the Beach

This is an amazing piece by Black Swan. These guys are truly world class artists.

Every year an artist is commissioned to create a piece for Flash on the Beach Conference. Bradley Munkowitz was chosen for this one in the year 2011, and he truly help make a piece of art.