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Cancel/OK, OK/Cancel or Yes/No?

I’ve recently been in the discussion of which is better Cancel/OK, OK/Cancel or Yes/No. So I did some digging to see if I could find any sources that have already done some research on it. It’s not an easy answer because a lot of people disagree as to the answer. But I think it’s a terrible answer to say “there is no right answer.” So lets try to break it down and get a reasonable non-nihilistic answer.

Nielson Norman Group cites that there are two arguments for the order.

First being that OK should be first due to natural reading order. Also if your user is keyboard driven, well it is obvious you want OK first since it is used more often. [1]


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Custom syntax highlighting in Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit

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Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 3.38.08 PM

been hoarding this hack for a while, thought I would finally take time to share it. It’s really easy, just save following file as 00globals.jsx and place it in:

easy peasy. As always, BACK YOUR SH*T UP <3 It’s not my fault if everything ever breaks, I’m just a lowly wanna-be hacker. It works for me, but this is very hacky, not not officially supported by Adobe.

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The sound

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So about a year ago I made an app for when I really need to concentrate on tough problems. There are times when music will have me too entranced to focus on a certain problem and I only need ambient sound/light. This is the result, I thought I would share.


Screenshot 2013-12-09 18.35.28

left side controls image. Right side controls sound, click to change. Nice and simple.